final count for Ocean Reef

15 09 2008

[I was the Green’s candidate…]

The WAEC has just updated their website with the Ocean Reef results.

Winning candidate was the Liberal’s Albert Jacob after the third preference distribution, with 54.42% of the two-party preferred vote to the ALP’s Louise Durack on 45.58%.

I came in third with 10.42% of the primary vote and 11.94% on preferences after the second distribution. Interestingly, fully one THIRD of my voters preferrenced Liberal over Labor (my How To Vote suggested Labor #2). I also received 31% of Family First preferences after the second distribution, which is probably even more of a surprise.

A dark day for Western Australia

13 09 2008

14/09/2008 Sadly, it was not to be — they’ve laid down with the Liberals after all.

So, alas, even with 5 Green MLCs a minority government will have control of both houses of parliament thanks to a party with 4.9% of the primary vote.

There’s something seriously wrong with our ‘representative’ democracy when the Greens (or anyone else) poll 11.7% and have no direct influence in government policy.

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Jury finds preventing GHG emissions a valid legal reason for Kingsnorth protestors’ actions

12 09 2008

From BBC News: ‘six Greenpeace activists have been cleared of causing criminal damage during a protest over coal-fired power’.

“When 12 normal people say it is legitimate for a direct action group to shut down a coal-fired power station because of the harm it does to our planet then where does that leave government energy policy?”

Good news for once!

And commentary on the implications of this for UK government polices — and around the world — from John Vidal:

… the signals which this gives out for climate change protestors, and goverments around the world, is very very clear: coal is dirty, coal is dangerous, and it is now, seemingly, legal to target it [my transcript from the audio]

Garnaut’s 10% by 2020 ‘target’ is surrender to vested interests

5 09 2008

[UPDATE:] A note on the title & theme [I decided to rename it]. Yes, I was mighty angry and upset when I wrote this. That hasn’t diminished. But I do accept that shaking one’s fist and screaming to the wind doesn’t achieve terribly much; doesn’t get the message out. So from here in I will redirect that anger and, I hope, passion, towards working in whatever capacity I can offer to see this ethically bankrupt target does not come to pass. 12:33 08/09/2008

While the Arctic disappears literally before our eyes [and 2008 may yet eclipse 2007 for least sea ice extent], somehow Australia is special?! What is this nonsense about immigration rates?! Where is the assessment of abatement options relative to our vast RE resources?! Where is any semblance of a sense of responsibility for our actions or the urgency of the need for wholesale change? And 1.6% reduction in GDP is too much to bear is it? You’ve screwed us Garnaut, completely screwed us.

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on the Arctic passages, a key sea ice indicator, and the BCA’s fatuous nonsense

4 09 2008

This piece from Greens Senator Christine Milne on the need for Garnaut’s GHG reduction trajectory target’s released tomorrow to be truly meaningful. Senator Milne notes that

… this is the first time in human history that both passages have been open simultaneously, making the North Polar ice cap an island, and the consequences are far-reaching [emphasis added]

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trains from Perth past midnight on a Friday = fail.

1 09 2008
drunk and pissed off.

drunk and pissed off.

arriving from the 00:00 train from fremantle, knowing there would be no buses, but didn’t expect a 36 minute wait for the clarkson train. and then — cuz no buses — another 25min walk. ~2 hrs total. pathetic.