on the Arctic passages, a key sea ice indicator, and the BCA’s fatuous nonsense

4 09 2008

This piece from Greens Senator Christine Milne on the need for Garnaut’s GHG reduction trajectory target’s released tomorrow to be truly meaningful. Senator Milne notes that

… this is the first time in human history that both passages have been open simultaneously, making the North Polar ice cap an island, and the consequences are far-reaching [emphasis added]

Have a look at the [US] National Snow and Ice Data Center‘s daily sea ice index for the Arctic. Getting scarily close to that crushing all time low of 2007; September will be closely watched indeed.

[note: originally I had intended this to be the static image at the day I was writing, but of course the target URL and this image source are updated daily; check the image for 4 Sept 2008 from when I originally posted (which I can’t find a link to right this minute).]

And Ross Gittins, excellent economics editor for the SMH + The Age explains why the BCA’s pleas for even more special government treatment are fatuous, self-serving, and deceitful nonsense:

In the Business Council’s case, it seems to have reached its dire conclusions by assuming its businesses have no scope to pass to customers the cost of the emission permits they’ll need to buy, no scope to eliminate wastefulness in their present use of fossil fuels and no scope to reduce the need for permits by improving their technology.

In short, the Business Council seems to assume its members are completely lacking in enterprise. Absent a bigger handout from government, they’ll just lie down and die – or move to Burkina Faso. What a vote of no confidence in the initiative of Australia’s big business executives.

The simple truth is that our emissions-intensive, trade-exposed industries are in Australia for good reason and it would take a mighty lot to make them move.

If the BCA’s plaints that TEEIs really can’t adjust and really will leave Australia if forced to, turn out to be true, I say good riddance. I don’t believe they will find safe harbour anywhere else for long, and our civilisation can little afford their businesses to continue if they honestly cannot or will not abate.



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15 09 2008

watching and waiting..

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