Human civilisation and our planet’s existence as we know it are fundamentally threatened by our unsustainable socioeconomic systems and the anthropogenic climate change they are causing. We must recognise the inviolate limits to growth we confront, both physically, economically, and above all ecologically. Our civilisation must shift to an entirely new configuration if we are to avoid ecological collapse.

My name is Justin, I’m a 33 year old Australian living in Perth, Western Australia. I’m studying a PhD in renewable energy policy for climate change mitigation, at Murdoch University. My focus is on the implications for climate change and subsequent energy policy from any removal of the strong negative forcing (ie, cooling effect) caused by aerosols generated in the combustion of fossil fuels: the nasty sting in the tail.

I have a strong interest in a sustainable world for us all: climate change mitigation; ecological economics & the necessary steady-state economy; preparing for peak oil; renewable energy for 100% of supply; reclaiming and remaking sustainable, liveable cities and our sociocultural systems; vastly expanded, reliable, effective, and desirable public transport infrastructure; industrial ecology (waste = food); deliberative and truly participatory democracies. I also quite love techno music…

I’m also a member of The Greens (WA) and a few other things.

3 responses

5 09 2008
Dean Laslett

cool blog Justin!

I grok your feelings.

I’m gobsmacked by Garnaut,


20 03 2009

Justin, this is not the same Justin from back in the ICU days is it?

20 03 2009

Dabri! hah, yeh it’s me. damn, that was a different world away…

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