A dark day for Western Australia

13 09 2008

14/09/2008 Sadly, it was not to be — they’ve laid down with the Liberals after all.

So, alas, even with 5 Green MLCs a minority government will have control of both houses of parliament thanks to a party with 4.9% of the primary vote.

There’s something seriously wrong with our ‘representative’ democracy when the Greens (or anyone else) poll 11.7% and have no direct influence in government policy.

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uranium: no solution to climate change even without the overarching threat of nuclear waste and nuclear weapons

14 08 2008

This is a paper originally written for Energy Policy — heavily influenced by work from GHG Accounting and Life Cycle Analysis — during my grad entry BAppSc in Energy Studies, semester 2 2007 (~September). Of course it is essentially a summary of other work; there is no original research. However, I did construct some original graphs collating a range of LCA studies on the uranium fuel cycle.

Nonetheless, I hope that this might contain summary information (albeit a little too technical in places) that helps to get the message out: put aside the host of more familiar problems with nuclear power and it is still no answer to climate change — there simply isn’t enough uranium.

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