final count for Ocean Reef

15 09 2008

[I was the Green’s candidate…]

The WAEC has just updated their website with the Ocean Reef results.

Winning candidate was the Liberal’s Albert Jacob after the third preference distribution, with 54.42% of the two-party preferred vote to the ALP’s Louise Durack on 45.58%.

I came in third with 10.42% of the primary vote and 11.94% on preferences after the second distribution. Interestingly, fully one THIRD of my voters preferrenced Liberal over Labor (my How To Vote suggested Labor #2). I also received 31% of Family First preferences after the second distribution, which is probably even more of a surprise.

here’s two media statement releases on Friday 29 August that I have had nothing to do with, obviously.

29 08 2008

Green’s Ocean Reef candidate on public transport, car dependency, and petrol price vulnerability. CSIRO released a study in June 2008 that included scenario modelling of $8 a litre by 2018. It’s coming peoples.

Sustainable Energy Now release calling for strong support for sustainable renewable energy solutions from all parties to the 2008 WA State election. Hear hear. [Direct link to the release.]